Registered Clinical Counselling

From time to time we are all faced with mental health challenges in our lives. These situations can sometimes lead to isolation, depression, anxiety or other health difficulties. Through clinical counselling you can explore alternatives, build on your strengths and develop new insights and skills.

Our Vancouver team of Registered Clinical Counsellors at Alaunius Integrated Medicine can help you with Stress Management, Relationship Counselling, Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, and Coping with Loss and Grief.

What is clinical counselling?

Registered Clinical Counselling is the skilled and principled use of relationship to facilitate self- knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources. The overall aim of counsellors is to provide an opportunity for people to work towards living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. Counselling relationships will vary according to need but may be concerned with developmental issues, addressing and resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crisis, developing personal insights and knowledge, working through feelings of inner conflict or improving relationships with others.

How can a clinical counsellor help you?

Professional counselling is effective because it allows you time and space to work through your personal or relational issues in a safe, nonjudgmental fashion. A clinical counsellor will assist you to think more clearly about decisions or responses to a particular situation or event. They will help you to understand your own responses, thoughts and feelings. With awareness you can develop tools and skills that can support the process of change. A Registered Clinical Counsellor can assist you to understand your personal issues and concerns, to promote self-growth, improve interpersonal relationships, and enhance self-awareness.

Our Clinical Counsellors have specialized training in:
• Relationship Counselling
• Trauma
• Chronic pain
• Major life changes
• Depression
• Addictions

How does counselling work?

No need to lie down on a couch. At our counselling clinic in downtown Vancouver, we have comfortable chairs for you to sit in. Each registered counsellor has been trained in a number of different approaches for working with clients.

Some of the approaches are:
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
• Client-focused
• Sensorimotor Therapy
• Self-Regulation Therapy

One of our counsellors will discuss with you the method that they feel would be best for you. We look forward to meeting you.

Counselling Session Rates  (GST included):

One hour individual counselling session………. $120

One hour couples counselling session…………. $160

15-minute consultation (over the phone or in-person)……. FREE

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